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What’s New Pussycat? Here’s What We Did in 2017.

Did you know that 2017 was a year we made major improvements to The Cat’s Meow? Here’s how we changed you and your cat’s experience for the better.

1- Down the Garden Path: A New Wheelchair Accessible Trail to Cottage

We hired Kiwi Landscaping to create a safe, 4 foot wide, 100 foot long trail leading to Cassandra’s cottage. This replaces the crumbling flagstones and has created one fluid path doing away with the step into the cottage. This means The Cat’s Meow is now fully wheelchair accessible!




2- New Medicine and Special Needs Program Management System

Here at The Cat’s Meow, we are serious about the safety and well-being of the cats in our care. You may have noticed that we have begun posting a medicine chart to each enclosure where a cat requires medicine or other special needs. This is just another way we demonstrate that we consider your cat’s health as paramount and will take special measures to ensure they get the extra attention they require.





3- New Roofs. Your Cat Will Never Feel the Damp.

Yes, it’s true! Ashby Construction was hired to replace the roofs on both cat cottages. It might
be cold and damp outside but inside it’s always cozy, warm, and dry. The felines wouldn’t have
it any other way!

4- They Call It Mellow Yellow

A (much) quiter vacuum. This little Costco cutie literally purrs! We replaced our noisy
Kenmore and we couldn’t be happier. And it’s less stressful for the cats which was our
ultimate goal.(tracy see pic of yellow vacuum)

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    This is all good news! You’ve been so busy. We drove by yesterday and waved. We were on a brief car tour!

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