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How to Turn Your Cat Into Your New Best Friend

< h2>7 Things You Can Do to Spice Up Your Relationship

Not all cats are “lap cats” who luxuriate while spending hours being cuddled. Some kitties need other ways of forming strong bonds with their caregivers.  Hopefully you will find some inspiration here to help puss get the most out of the human-cat relationship!

♥ 1. Recognize that YOU are your cat’s world.

The first thing to realize is that you may be the only other living being that your cat socializes with — or even sees — day in, day out. It is not uncommon for a person to live alone with their cat. Think about this from the cat’s point of view.  While you are out and about socializing with work colleagues and friends, is your cat spending hours and hours alone at home watching the world go by from the window of a high-rise condo complex? By recognizing your cat’s reality you are taking the first step to enriching her world and getting sooo much return for your efforts!

♥ 2. Get a companion for your cat.

Thomas and Leila (1)In most cases (although not all) it makes sense to get a second cat. Animals of the same species learn life skills from each other and are most likely to bond. Although it can be tricky to introduce a new animal into a household, the rewards of providing a playmate for your cat will far outweigh any growing pains. The companion doesn’t necessarily have to be another cat! Many of our clients have told us their cat’s best friend is the family dog! Facebook is full of videos showing cats bonded with chickens, rats, rabbits…however your best bet is probably another cat.



♥ 3. Play with your cat.  Hide & seek.  Games of skill.

tinfoilballAnyone who has looked at The Cat’s Meow Facebook Page will be familiar with the game, Hide the Treat! I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy playing this game with the cats who stay with us. It provides stimulation, the cats engaged in this activity really look forward to it, and the cat onlookers are completely entertained by the competition! Other games I play with my own kitties are hide & seek and silver ball-ball. To make a silver ball-ball, take some tin foil and make it into a ball then bat it around! All of these games will increase your interest in your cat friend and vice-versa.  Give it a try! I promise and cross my heart– you will get so much out of this play time with your cat.

♥ 4. Groom your cat.

Brushing, petting, clipping your kitty’s nails. All are important bonding activities.

♥ 5.  Talk to your cat.  But don’t be surprised when they talk back!

I never understood why, when I was growing up, there was some taboo about people talking to animals…as if only crazy old ladies did this. Well I guess it’s official…I’m a crazy old lady! I think things are changing now though about our attitudes towards animals. I personally believe that my cats understand a lot of what I say to them. The more I talk to them directly the more it is evident that they understand me. So I tell them everything.  I prepare them for change, for example when I’m about to go on a trip (LOL – as if they didn’t already know!). I tell them when they have done a great job. I tell them they are beautiful and smart. And they are.

♥ 6. Reassure your cat when you leave the house.  Be sure to tell them you will come back.

I think this is especially important when you live alone with a sole cat. Routines are so important for cats and they appreciate comforting words when you leave the house. Be sure to warn them if you will not be coming home at the usual time. Greet them warmly when you come home and tell them how much they have been missed. All these gestures are important for a cat who depends on you for everything.

♥ 7. Invite your cats to spend time with you.

Rose at the work table (1)Now that you have become an expert at bonding with your cat you will find they want to be with you. Everywhere. So make special cat nooks and cozy beds as an invitation that they are welcome to hang out with you…by your desk, in the kitchen, anywhere that you spend time! Best friends forever!!!


3 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Cat Into Your New Best Friend

    Wonderful tips! Thank-you for sharing.
    For very shy, timid cats who hide and avoid human contact, it can be helpful to do portion feeding so that they come to you for food.

      Good point Helen, shy cats need extra TLC for sure!

    What a great post! I love grooming them. Our best toy, though, is a stick with a shoelace attached! (Despite this, hubby keeps on buying new ones!)

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