When our long haired Calico cat, Molly, was a guest for several days at the Cat’s Meow, I asked if Cassandra might squeeze in a “lion” cut. We have taken Molly to a groomer regularly over the past ten years.  However, her day at the spa with Cassandra was the best ever. Her cut was superb. Cassandra took time to actually refine the lines of the cut. She was given a bath, had her ears cleaned and nails cut. Molly loved the attention and when she came home she ensured that each time we had guests she made an entrance to show off. Molly is a senior cat and has problems with arthritis and Cassandra was extremely gentle with her. I had neglected to tell Cassandra that Molly’s hind legs were tender, but she noticed this immediately during the grooming and took extra steps to ensure that the process was not painful for Molly. She will now be a regular client of the Cat’s Meow Spa and has already been booked in for her next session. Thank you so much Cassandra!