When our long haired Calico cat, Molly, was a guest for several days at the Cat’s Meow, I asked if Cassandra might squeeze in a “lion” cut. We have taken Molly to a groomer regularly over the past ten years.  However, her day at the spa with Cassandra was the best ever. Her cut was […]

“You do such fine work. Your videos are precious. It really makes a difference to see how beautifully done the grooming is, and your fine work.”

“Our two male cats (named Anthony, and, Francis), visit Cats Meow, whenever we are away for vacation. They love the Grooming, and attention, they receive. They return home so content, I love how clean, and shiny, their fur is, and, how manicured their nails are. The beautiful environment where they stay makes them so happy, […]

“Daisy, a short-haired white domestic cat, and Ellie, a long-haired Blue Mitted Ragdoll, were boarded at the Cat’s Meow. They were both groomed and bathed. Daisy loves to roll in dirt so she’s rarely clean, but when I picked them up her coat was shining and pure white, with a slight pleasant smell. Meanwhile, Ellie […]

“There is no way to properly explain on how our cat is so pampered by Cassandra and David every time we board her at their location. My cat even knows when we are going there. She will complain in the car all to way to Perth and then it strikes her on where we are […]

“Cassandra was absolutely amazing with my cat Gary. He is happier and his fur looks amazing. I won’t bring my cat to anyone else.”