Giving your cat an enjoyable and relaxing stay with us is extremely important. In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone, we respectfully request that you note the following: 




In the interest of all our guests, it is necessary that all cats staying at The Cat’s Meow must hold a current vaccination certificate for Rabies and FVRCP. We reserve the right to refuse cats whose certificates are not up to date.

We regret that we do not have facilities for un-neutered or un-spayed cats.

When we accept cats for boarding, we assume that they come to us free of fleas. If we find that a cat has fleas while in our care, we will treat with a vet-recommended flea formula. We may also, as a precaution, administer the same to other cats adjacent to the cat having fleas. Please let us know in advance if your cat is on any flea prevention formula.


In the unlikely event that your cat takes ill while staying with us, we will not hesitate to call your vet. If it is not possible to reach your own vet (we will request their contact details when you confirm your booking with us), then we will consult a local vet. We charge a nominal fee of $30 to transport your cat to our vet if the need arises. The cost of any vet services will be added to your bill.

If your cat is sneezing prior to boarding you must have him or her checked by your veterinarian.

Special Needs

With an increasing number of elderly, disabled, and special-needs cats, we have spaces low to the ground with easy access to the outdoors. Please let us know if your cat has difficulty jumping more than a foot or two to access the outside area.

Diets and Medication

When booking your cat in with us, we will discuss all of your feline dietary and other needs. If your cat is on any kind of medication, we will take full instructions. We keep a close eye on our kitty patients while they are staying with us. We accept most diabetic cats but will need to discuss your cat’s condition well ahead of booking time.

We are not vet technicians, however we do medicate cats frequently and we are perfectly happy to work with cats who are willing to work with us. For most oral medication there is a nominal charge of $2.50/day.


We go to great lengths to ensure the highest level of sanitation throughout our facilities. We thoroughly disinfect all litter boxes, litter scoops, food bowls, and all accommodations to maintain the highest levels of hygiene possible.

Though each of our guests is allowed to wander around our facilities several times a day, as a key part of our hygienic practice, we never allow cats who are not from the same family to wander freely with any other cats. This practice is not only vital to hygiene but individual accommodations are crucial in allowing us to properly monitor and maintain the eating and eliminating habits and general health of our guests.

General Boarding Information

Checking In

We are open six days a week for your convenience. If you pick up your cat in the morning time slot you will not be charged for that day. To allow enough time for any special instructions, paperwork, and settling in of cats, clients should arrive no later than a half-hour before our posted closing times.

We request your co-operation in trying to stick to our posted hours, however we also appreciate that this may not always be possible, so in exceptional circumstances – and with prior agreement – we may be able to accommodate after-hours service at the cost of $75.

Business Hours

What To Bring

We provide comfortable bedding, litter and trays, and dishes. If you wish, you are welcome to bring toys, an article of clothing your cat is familiar with, and combs and brushes. Please make note of items you bring to ensure that we return them to you. All items brought are the clients’ responsibility. We require you to have all cats either in carriers or on leashes.


We no longer carry food. Please bring enough food to cover your cat’s stay and a few additional days in the event your trip is unexpectedly extended. If you are boarding more than one cat and they are on different diets, we are happy to service their individual needs. However, it is imperative that if they do not eat each other’s food because of medication or health/diet issues, then they will need to be housed separately.

Peak Season and Minimum Stays

We suggest that you reserve as early as possible for the peak seasons of July, August, September, October and Christmas. For these peak seasons, we require a 3-night deposit by e-transfer, Mastercard or Visa.  If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days prior to your arrival date, this deposit will be refunded. Due to the high demand during peak seasons, it is important that you book enough time in a reservation as there may be no vacancies to extend a stay. Once a reservation is booked we need 30 days’ notice for any change to the reservation to avoid the cancellation penalty. Any reduction of the dates reserved, either arriving or departing, will be charged to a maximum of three nights.

Our minimum reservation is three nights. In our summer season from June 15 to Thanksgiving, the minimum is five days. The minimum for Christmas (December 15 to January 15) is seven days.

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