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Shed Happens. Are You Giving Up Your Weekends Cleaning Up After Your Cat?

Picture this: It’s a Saturday and you’re pouring your morning cuppa, looking forward to ​leisure time, when you notice your comfortable chair is covered in cat hair! Your cat, let’s call her Furry, has been shedding a lot more lately because of the season. You start to see more and more cat hair building up and you’re feeling like your weekends are being taken up with cat hair duties. Don’t let vacuuming and cleaning cat hair take over your entire life! Did you know that getting your cat groomed consistently can help you manage this? In this blog we’ll talk about why cats shed, what you can do to counteract this at home, and how regular grooming visits will make all the difference. 

First we’ll start with why cats shed. Cats normally shed twice a year in the spring and fall, but because our cats have become domesticated over time they tend to shed all year round, which is the new normal for our furry friends! There are a few factors to consider when talking about the why. Cats shed to remove dead hair, which can cause skin irritations and knots if not taken care of. It’s always a sign of good health to see a cat shedding as sick cats tend to shed less if at all. Although shedding can be tough to keep up with, this does mean your cat is healthy! 

Other factors that come into play include whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat. If Furry is an outdoor cat, chances are she’s receiving a lot more direct sunlight than if she was an indoor cat. This plays a part in shedding, and an increase in sunlight can actually trigger your cat to shed more. This doesn’t mean you should opt to keep your cat inside, but it’s something to keep in mind when looking at the amount being shed. The last factor that plays a part in shedding comes down to what breed your cat is. Different breeds tend to shed more, especially if you have a long hair breed versus a short hair breed! Believe it or not, short hair cats tend to shed more! 

There are some ways, combined with professional grooming services, that one can manage and decrease the amount of shed at home. Buying a comb for your cat and combining them weekly is one way to manage shedding. Opt for a steel comb that has medium to fine teeth and start at the top of the head moving down towards the tail. You don’t have to push too hard to catch the hair. One thing to remember is to always be careful when brushing around the face, belly, and chest. Be gentle, and remove the shed collected after each stroke for optimal results.  

Lastly, bringing your cat to a professional groomer once every four to eight weeks will also help manage that increase in shed. Not only will regular bathing and grooming decrease stray hair, but it will also leave your feline friend feeling fresh with no knots or tangles! If your cat is really prone to shedding, there are some special haircuts that can control this, including the lion cut or the comb cut! At The Cat’s Meow Inn, we know how time consuming shedding can be to take care of. Between at-home brushes, and regular grooming sessions, we can help you eliminate excess shed so you can focus more on what you enjoy and less on cat hair tumbleweed! Visit our cat grooming page to learn more.


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