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Chatelaine Magazine gives The Cat’s Meow two thumbs up!!

chatelaineThe Cat’s Meow is the Web Guide’s featured site for pet boarding. They write:

Problem Solved:

When Heather Rayner and her husband, Jon, were organizing their travel plans last summer, finding a home away from home for their two cats was at the top of the list. She punched “cat kennel + Ottawa” into her search engine and located, a posh kennel for favoured felines. “After checking it out online, reading the reviews and seeing the picture of where the cats would stay, we were convinced it was the best option for us, at the most reasonable price,” says Rayner. “We loved it.”


What I wish to bring forward is the most important fact in my cat’s  visits to The Cat’s Meow– and it is missing. I believe it deserves to  be included. What is not mentioned is the following: That your  services, which allows for time with both of you, can change the  well-being of a cat.  In the particular example of my cat, Athena, she  was adopted at six months from a rescue situation in Quebec. I was  told at the time by the facilities veterinarian that her nervous  disposition and the attendant health issues would most likely be  lifelong challenges for her. This has indeed proven to be the case.  

But her time with you over the past four years has resulted in a  dramatic change to a socialized creature that is calmer, more peaceful  and able to enjoy life on a much fuller level. David you in  particular took on the challenge of helping Athena gain confidence  and we have all been amazed and humbled to realize that even at 14 years of age, she continues to change and evolve into a most loving  and intelligent cat and companion. 

I am so very grateful that you offer a service that complements your  particular gifts and talents–in reality a service that money cannot buy. 

This not only enhances the quality of life that my cat now has but  adds immeasurably to my life with my creature companion. 

Blessings to you both. 

Gloria McHugh [and Athena], North Frontenac Township 


Hi David and Cassandra,

We are thrilled to have The Cat’s Meow as Sydney’s home away from home. As you know, she is sensitive and reluctant to socialize with strangers. Lo and behold, you coaxed her out of herself and she revealed what a sweet natured cat she really is. Your kind and gentle understanding and special accommodations, like squishing her peas and talking to her, made all the difference. She is our precious girl. Thank you and see you again.

Karen and Greg, Ottawa


Hi Cassandra!

Thought I would drop you a line to thank you for taking care of Tipper and giving him so much care and attention! We really appreciate it! He was excited to get home, climbing all over the place and is seeking a lot more attention than he did before (possibly because you gave him so much loving!). He was so hyper at first that my mom thought they brought the wrong cat home 🙂 I am really glad that I chose to have him stay at your inn and I am sure he would not mind staying with you again going forward. Thank you very much once again and looking forward to using Cats Meow again in the future!!




Charlotte and I would like to thank you for the great care you gave when Charlotte recently boarded there. There is nothing better than having a peaceful heart knowing that your furry loved one is being well looked after while you are away. We will definitely see you again!

Linda & Charlotte (Meow! Meow!)


David and Cassandra,

Thank you very much. Chui was a very calm and happy cat when she returned from her last visit. Obviously the care that you give her, and the accommodations suited her well. She is a great old dame, and does have her peculiarities, so I’m glad that she’s fitting in so well.




Thank you very much for looking after Pogi so well while we were away. She slotted right back into things at home which implies that her time with you was not at all traumatic; it has often taken a couple of days for her to regain her composure, but this time she seemed totally unfazed.Thank you.



Hi Cassandra!

After one week Mika has settle back in her old place. She is so much more relaxed than before my trip. It must be your place, or you guys playing with her, or the green patch or maybe all together. Thank you for taking care of her. I do not know yet what time in December I might be off for another 3 weeks again. As soon as I know I will let you know.



Good morning Cassandra and David,

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation again for all your care for Polo over these last three months! I’m glad you appreciated his true personality and that he enjoyed his lengthy stay at the Inn, away from stress and change. All the best to you and David. Perhaps Polo will have occasion to come to summer camp again. With every good wish,