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Knots, Clumps, and Tangles…What Now?

Cat hair clumps and tangles not only make your cat’s fur look rough, but they also make your cat extremely uncomfortable, especially when this isn’t addressed right away! Have you ever seen these tangles and wondered where you should start? At The Cat’s Meow Inn, our trained professional (Certified Feline Master Groomer and member of National Cat Groomers Institute) knows exactly how to detangle your cat’s fur while also making them feel comfortable and at ease during the entire process. Before we go any further, we’ll explain why this happens to cat fur, and what the repercussions are when tangles aren’t taken care of properly!

Cat hair can become knotted for a few different reasons. The primary cause is oily skin. Cats are greasy animals. When a cat’s skin releases oil their hair becomes clumpy. These oily clumps prevent the cat from releasing shed hair. Instead more and more hair builds up caught in greasy mounds. Then tangles begin to emerge. These tangles, if not caught early, can form into a network of painful matting very close to the skin. You can imagine how agonising this is for cats considering that the attached hair is getting pulled from the skin! Just like how humans comb the tangles out of their hair, the same should be done for cats to achieve optimal comfort.

The next reason we’ll focus on is movement. Common places where cat’s fur gets tangled is the armpits, chest, the neck, in between the legs, and any other places where fur gets the most friction. As mentioned, short-haired cats are still prone to knots and tangles, but cats with long hair tend to face this issue more often. Another factor that plays into fur tangles is whether your cat is an outside or inside cat. Cats that tend to spend more time outside get tangles quicker because of the outdoor elements. Not only does shed get caught in already attached fur, but burrs, plants, bark, and other material can get stuck, making the situation even worse.

So, the question now is what happens when we don’t do anything to detangle your cat’s hair? The answer may not be what cat lovers want to hear! Ignoring your cat’s tangles and knots negatively affects their skin over time. Active tangles will stop your cat’s skin from receiving oxygen and moisture, things required for a healthy skin and coat. Tangles can also become so severe that they actually tear the skin leaving open wounds that go undetected until the hair is shaved. 

At The Cat’s Meow Inn, we offer grooming and boarding, and we specialize in services that will optimize your cat’s comfort. This includes a tangle removal service that will have your cat looking and feeling good no matter what condition their coat was in originally. Make sure that you check often for any new knots or tangles forming so you can keep your cat healthy and happy! We’d be pleased to help you and your cat feel comfortable again with our wide range of grooming and boarding options. Check out our services to learn more!

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