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Don’t Cats Groom Themselves?

kitten in tub

Don’t Cats Groom Themselves? It depends on how you define “groom”.

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Eight years ago my husband and I bought The Cat’s Meow, Luxury Inn for Cats. Almost immediately, I became concerned about the number of cats who came in looking pretty rough. There were old cats smelling of urine. Cats who were a little overweight and couldn’t quite reach their derrieres to do an adequate cleanup job. Some cats whose paws were packed with clumping kitty litter. And then there were the cats with massive knots and painful looking matting.

I was literally at a loss as to what to do to help these cats or what to recommend to their kind and well-meaning owners. I want to make it clear: these folks weren’t willfully neglecting their cats, they just didn’t know how to help them. It was then that I started experimenting with foaming, waterless cat shampoos. These products, in my opinion, rely on an overwhelming cheap-smelling perfume and only result in compounding the problem by adding more product onto the cat’s hair that shouldn’t be there.

It was almost by accident that I came across The National Cat Groomers Institute and learned about people who groomed cats. Up until that point I had believed that “cats groom themselves” even though the obvious fact that they didn’t was staring me in the face. I believed that cats were afraid of water and many more myths about cats that form the stock of our standard beliefs when it comes to felines.

It wasn’t until I had watched countless videos of trained cat groomers that it finally sunk in. Cats can learn to enjoy having a bath. Cats don’t have to spend their golden years smelling bad because they can’t clean themselves. With a regular grooming schedule, cats can remain tangle and knot free until a ripe old age. And the best part – I could help!

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So in answer to my question, yes many cats are able to maintain themselves in reasonable condition, but there comes a point when they need help. If you want to keep your cat’s coat and skin in top condition you should seek the help of a trained cat groomer. Here’s the thing and it’s an important take-away. Cats can’t groom themselves. Cats can’t give themselves a shampoo bath which is necessary to prevent oily build up causing knots and tangles, dandruff, skin acne, stud tail (greasy build up at the base of the tail). Cats can’t trim their own nails. Cats can’t do a good job of cleaning out their eyes and ears. And cats certainly can’t shave out painful matting and pelting. All of these things only a qualified cat groomer can do. And so I reiterate. No! Cats can’t groom themselves.

And here’s the other thing. The younger your cat starts on a regular grooming schedule the easier it will be for everyone involved, cat and groomer! I recommend cats start as young as 4 months. I will introduce a kitten to the bath with a play activity to make the whole experience fun. With older cats I have other techniques to get them used to the sights and sounds of the grooming salon. For the majority of cats, soon they are old pros and nothing fazes them!

Two years ago we built the Boutique Cat Grooming Salon to complement the Cat’s Meow Luxury Inn. Now I’m on a mission to educate my clients and anyone who will listen about the benefits of cat grooming. Getting your cat on a six-week grooming schedule will benefit you and your cat tremendously. My clients tell me they will never go back to the way things were before. They enjoy a clean, well-maintained, fluffy kitty. One with whom they now love to share their pillow, knowing their little paws have been thoroughly scrubbed clean.

As I always say, a clean cat is a happy cat! But a clean cat also makes a very happy human!

kitten in tub

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