COVID-19 – Changes include open by appointment only, bring your own food, and new protocols

By Appointment Only

As of September 2020, we are open within our regular hours* by appointment only. This means you must commit to a pick-up and drop-off time. Our booking software allows you to state a drop-off and pick-up time when selecting your booking dates. If you need to change these dates or times closer to the appointment that can be arranged by giving us reasonable prior notice. Please note that if you arrive outside of the given dates/times we may not be here to serve you and a $60 fee will apply for service outside our agreed upon appointment. We allow for a 20-minute grace period.

Bring Your Own Food

Please supply your own food. We can’t stock food for fear it will expire due to high vacancy at the hotel. We have donated just about all of our food to our local cat shelter for this reason.

New Protocols Once You Arrive at The Cat’s Meow


We’re practicing social distancing. When you arrive we’ll be looking out for you. Please place your carrier on the cobblestone walkway along with food and other comfort items. We’ll collect your cat from there.

Only clients who are wearing face masks will be allowed entry to the hotel at this time.

Please keep 2 metres or 6 feet away from staff.

For the safety of everyone we have established COVID-appropriate disinfecting routines, including wiping down incoming cat carriers, all doors, and surfaces. Please make use of the hand sanitizer/wash stations provided.


All of the above and…

Please confirm your pick-up time upon arrival.

We accept all methods of payment. Touchless payment over the phone or internet is preferred: email transfers ( or calling in a credit card and expiry date (613-268-2004) would be ideal.

As always, we look forward to serving you and your cats!

Thanks for your understanding,

Cassandra and David

*OPENING HOURS (now by appointment only)

8:00 – 11:00 am

4:00 – 7:00 pm

Closed all day on Wednesday

Closed Saturday after 11:00 am

Christmas 2020:
Dec 24: Closed after 11am
Dec 25: CLOSED
Dec 26: CLOSED

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