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Does your cat have clumps, knots or tangles?
Is shedding a concern? Or hairballs?
Do you or your family members suffer from cat allergies?
Do you want a beautiful cat with a clean, soft, silky coat?

We can help!

About Our Groomer

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Cassandra is a Certified Feline Master Groomer and member of the National Cat Groomers Institute. She is passionate about enabling cats to feel clean and live tangle free. She does this with a calm hand, in a safe, comfortable, grooming environment.

“My approach to cat grooming is to treat each cat with compassion, dignity, and care.” – Cassandra




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First Appointment

Upon check-in, Cassandra will go over any worries, problems or concerns that you have. Your cat will be assessed to determine what treatment will best solve the issues that are presented. Our groomer will provide solutions for you and your kitty. Grooming recommendations are tailored to individual cats so they receive the very best ongoing care.

Clean & Comfortable

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A warm massage shampoo bath is the basis of every good cat groom. This standard treatment on a 6 – 8 week schedule will prevent tangles, hairballs, in-grown toenails, and excessive shedding. Washing away all the dirt and oil that has built up and leaving a clean, soft, silky coat, this treatment includes: 

  • Shampoo bath
  • Nail trim
  • Gentle cleaning of eyes and ears
  • Blow dry
  • Comb out of any minor tangles and dead coat
  • Sanitary trim for large or long-haired cats

Price: Starts at $75, for cats without any clumps, knots or tangles*

De-Shedding Package

Does your cat have a dense coat? Do you find you are constantly vacuuming up shedding hair? This is the package for you! It combines all of the Clean & Comfortable treatment + an intensive de-shedding so kitties come away lighter and brighter! Cats that are on a 6 – 8 week schedule will enjoy up to an 80% decrease in shedding. Recommended for light to moderate allergy sufferers. 

Price: Starts at $95, for cats without any clumps, knots or tangles*

A cat laying down with a comb cut

Comb Cut

Plush, short, and fluffy! Sometimes referred to as the Teddy Bear Cut. This option is perfect for older cats that are no longer candidates for the lion cut or for those who want short but not bald. It combines all of the Clean & Comfortable treatment + a shave to approximately ½ – ¾ inch haircut.

Price: $125, for cats without any clumps, knots or tangles*

* Lynn Paolillo photo

Lion Cut

Lion Cut

You want the hair gone. We get it! This treatment is a clean shave, very close to the skin. It leaves tall “boots”, mane, and pom-pom or full tail. It includes all of the Clean & Comfortable treatment. Definitely reduces shedding at home.

Price: Starts at $125, depending on grooming frequency and cat temperament

Note: Cats with clumps, knots or tangles* will be subject to additional costs. See below.

Sharp Nail Fix

Does your cat claw the furniture? Maybe you’ve been caught a few too many times by a sharp nail? This colourful nail cap treatment is a humane alternative to declawing and oh so glam! 

Price: $25 front paws, $30 all four paws. (Not recommended for outdoor cats.)

Mat Removal

Has your cat never been groomed? Does your cat have severe matting? This is your starting place. We’ll get your cat cleaned up and feeling great!

Price: Starts at $200 and includes a complimentary one time only follow-up appointment. See lumps, knots and tangles* below.

Toes on Tuesdays

Regular nail trims are important maintenance for your kitty but most people find this very difficult to accomplish. We now offer a nail trim clinic on the second Tuesday of every month. 

Two paws $8 

Four paws $16

*Clumps, Knots and Tangles

Prices quoted above assume the cat has minimal to no clumps, knots or tangles. Cats that are matted will be quoted additional fees during check-in based on the time required to safely remove them. Severe or large areas of matting will require a Lion Cut for the cat’s comfort. A more accurate price can be provided once the groomer evaluates the cat’s condition and personality. Cats with certain medical or stress-related conditions may be referred to a veterinarian for a sedated groom or monitoring for your cat’s safety.

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When our long haired Calico cat, Molly, was a guest for several days at the Cat’s Meow, I asked if Cassandra might squeeze in a “lion” cut. We have taken Molly to a groomer regularly over the past ten years.  However, her day at the spa with Cassandra was the best ever. Her cut was superb. Cassandra took time to actually refine the lines of the cut. She was given a bath, had her ears cleaned and nails cut. Molly loved the attention and when she came home she ensured that each time we had guests she made an entrance to show off. Molly is a senior cat and has problems with arthritis and Cassandra was extremely gentle with her. I had neglected to tell Cassandra that Molly’s hind legs were tender, but she noticed this immediately during the grooming and took extra steps to ensure that the process was not painful for Molly. She will now be a regular client of the Cat’s Meow Spa and has already been booked in for her next session. Thank you so much Cassandra!

Wayne and Karen Douglas

"You do such fine work. Your videos are precious. It really makes a difference to see how beautifully done the grooming is, and your fine work."

Jennifer Jilks

"Our two male cats (named Anthony, and, Francis), visit Cats Meow, whenever we are away for vacation. They love the Grooming, and attention, they receive. They return home so content, I love how clean, and shiny, their fur is, and, how manicured their nails are. The beautiful environment where they stay makes them so happy, (I think they know, when I am taking them there)! Thank you Cassandra, and David, for taking such good care of our boys, we are so grateful for having you both!"

David and Rita

"Daisy, a short-haired white domestic cat, and Ellie, a long-haired Blue Mitted Ragdoll, were boarded at the Cat’s Meow. They were both groomed and bathed. Daisy loves to roll in dirt so she’s rarely clean, but when I picked them up her coat was shining and pure white, with a slight pleasant smell. Meanwhile, Ellie who hates to be groomed behaved herself and came home with the most beautiful, matt free fur. Even after a few weeks her coat is still looking well groomed. Meanwhile, Daisy has found some dirt to roll in. I’d recommend the Cat’s Meow for both boarding and grooming. We’ve used their facilities for years and have always been more than happy, and so have our cats."

Jacqueline O’Callaghan

"There is no way to properly explain on how our cat is so pampered by Cassandra and David every time we board her at their location. My cat even knows when we are going there. She will complain in the car all to way to Perth and then it strikes her on where we are heading and stops. Now just when you think they could not make the experience any better, they are now offering a grooming service. We have been using this service at least once a year. The pictures of her purring while getting her bath is precious. My cat comes home now with less loose hairs and her coat is so shiny. If you have not used this service yet, I highly recommended it."

Jean Arsenault

"Cassandra was absolutely amazing with my cat Gary. He is happier and his fur looks amazing. I won’t bring my cat to anyone else."

Marjie Platt