Cat grooming can remove matted fur, and improve a cat's claws

Boutique Cat Grooming Salon

Does your cat have clumps, knots or tangles?
Is shedding a concern? Or hairballs?
Do you or your family members suffer from cat allergies?
Do you want a beautiful cat with a clean, soft, silky coat?

We can help!

Our approach to cat grooming is to treat each cat with compassion, dignity, and care.

About Our Cat Grooming Appointments

Our trained professional groomer is a proud member of the National Cat Groomers Institute.

We have made several changes to our grooming appointment pick up and drop off to maintain cleaning and social distancing guidelines as required.

Please visit our COVID-19 policies page for details regarding these changes to help maintain the safety and health of you, your cats and our staff.

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Warm Massage Bath ($65)

A warm massage shampoo bath is the basis of every good cat grooming. Washing away all the dirt and oil that has built up and leaving a clean, soft, silky coat. This treatment includes nail trim, gentle cleaning of eyes and ears, and removal of excess dead coat and any minor tangles*.

  • Lanark Highlander
    For the rugged cat, this is a scent that is made to highlight an independent nature.
  • Pink Lady Slipper
    For the cat with a softer side, this is a feminine scent named after the delicate orchid found in Ontario’s forests.
  • Perth Prancer
    For the active cat with a spring in her step, this is a citrus-soaked scent.
  • Lake Lounger
    For the lazy housecat, this is a mellow scent designed to complement a cat who prefers to lounge in the sun.
  • Pure Baby Unscented
    For the untainted, this allows the pure essence of your cat to shine on through.

Lion Cut

Lion Cut

(add $25)

Recommended for cats who get hot in the summer months. Also for their humans who suffer from cat allergies.

Sani Trim


(add $15)

Recommended for cats who have trouble reaching around to clean up after themselves.

Belly Shave

Belly shave

(add $15)

Does your cat tend to get knots and tangles mainly on their stomach? This is the look for them!

Nail Cap

Nail caps

(add $25)

A humane alternative to declawing and oh so glam! This is for the indoor cat who scratches the new furniture. Not recommended for outdoor cats.

Matted Cat Fur

Mat removal

(starts at $125 see knots and tangles* below)

Nail trims are available for cats who are boarding with us.

Two paws ($7)

Four paws ($14)

*Knots and Tangles

Prices quoted above assume the cat has minimal to no clumps, knots or tangles. Cats that are matted will be quoted additional fees during check-in based on the time required to safely remove them. Severe or large areas of matting will require a Lion Cut for the cat’s comfort. A more accurate price can be provided once the groomer evaluates the cat’s condition and personality. Cats with certain medical or stress-related conditions may be referred to a veterinarian for a sedated groom or monitoring for your cat’s safety.

Mat removal starts at $125.00 and varies based on location and severity of matting and the services required to remove them.

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When our long haired Calico cat, Molly, was a guest for several days at the Cat’s Meow, I asked if Cassandra might squeeze in a “lion” cut. We have taken Molly to a groomer regularly over the past ten years.  However, her day at the spa with Cassandra was the best ever. Her cut was superb. Cassandra took time to actually refine the lines of the cut. She was given a bath, had her ears cleaned and nails cut. Molly loved the attention and when she came home she ensured that each time we had guests she made an entrance to show off. Molly is a senior cat and has problems with arthritis and Cassandra was extremely gentle with her. I had neglected to tell Cassandra that Molly’s hind legs were tender, but she noticed this immediately during the grooming and took extra steps to ensure that the process was not painful for Molly. She will now be a regular client of the Cat’s Meow Spa and has already been booked in for her next session. Thank you so much Cassandra!

Wayne and Karen Douglas

"You do such fine work. Your videos are precious. It really makes a difference to see how beautifully done the grooming is, and your fine work."

Jennifer Jilks

"Our two male cats (named Anthony, and, Francis), visit Cats Meow, whenever we are away for vacation. They love the Grooming, and attention, they receive. They return home so content, I love how clean, and shiny, their fur is, and, how manicured their nails are. The beautiful environment where they stay makes them so happy, (I think they know, when I am taking them there)! Thank you Cassandra, and David, for taking such good care of our boys, we are so grateful for having you both!"

David and Rita

"Daisy, a short-haired white domestic cat, and Ellie, a long-haired Blue Mitted Ragdoll, were boarded at the Cat’s Meow. They were both groomed and bathed. Daisy loves to roll in dirt so she’s rarely clean, but when I picked them up her coat was shining and pure white, with a slight pleasant smell. Meanwhile, Ellie who hates to be groomed behaved herself and came home with the most beautiful, matt free fur. Even after a few weeks her coat is still looking well groomed. Meanwhile, Daisy has found some dirt to roll in. I’d recommend the Cat’s Meow for both boarding and grooming. We’ve used their facilities for years and have always been more than happy, and so have our cats."

Jacqueline O’Callaghan

"There is no way to properly explain on how our cat is so pampered by Cassandra and David every time we board her at their location. My cat even knows when we are going there. She will complain in the car all to way to Perth and then it strikes her on where we are heading and stops. Now just when you think they could not make the experience any better, they are now offering a grooming service. We have been using this service at least once a year. The pictures of her purring while getting her bath is precious. My cat comes home now with less loose hairs and her coat is so shiny. If you have not used this service yet, I highly recommended it."

Jean Arsenault

"Cassandra was absolutely amazing with my cat Gary. He is happier and his fur looks amazing. I won’t bring my cat to anyone else."

Marjie Platt