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Are You Allergic to Your Cat? Here’s Help!

If you or someone you know is allergic to cats, you may think that owning one would be out of the question. People who live with cats and deal with cat allergies are more common than you would think! It’s estimated that around 10-20% of the population worldwide has cat allergies, and many of these individuals who don’t have life-threatening conditions live happily and healthily with a cat of their own. There are many ways one can deal with an allergy and still have a cat as a companion. In this blog we’ll discuss key factors regarding cat allergies, how you can manage the symptoms.

With pet allergies being the most prominent of all allergies, there are several known causes for cat-related ones. One cause is the dandruff resulting after cats shed their fur. When cats shed, they tend to lose bits of dandruff and skin, which is one of the biggest triggers of cat allergies. Another irritant is actually found in the mouths of cats, called Fel d 1. This substance is predominantly found in cat saliva, which can be found on their fur after a cat’s cleaning ritual. This substance can transfer to the skin, which causes an allergy to flair. In order to understand what triggers your cat allergy, you should speak with your doctor to see if you can pinpoint the cause. 

The good news is that no matter what the reason for your allergy, either excessive cat hair or Fel d 1 protein, putting your cat on a 4 – 6 week grooming schedule will help put an end to the sniffles, sneezing and itching! The reason is that when cats are bathed regularly the Fel d 1 deposited all over the cat’s coat when they are licking themselves (remember this protein is found in the mouths of cats) is literally washed away. A de-shedding treatment or comb cut will greatly reduce the hair bulk on any cat. So although there are cats bred specifically for shorter hair or no hair at all like the Sphynx, and some that are known for producing less Fel d 1 like the Siberian and Balinese, you need not limit yourself to these breeds to enjoy the company of cats!

It’s always unfortunate when you have to deal with a cat allergy as a cat lover, but that doesn’t mean that’s the be all and end all of having a cat! You can still enjoy the company of cats, while also managing your allergy symptoms along the way. We at The Cat’s Meow Inn offer incredible spa, grooming, and boarding services that will help make both you and your cat feel healthy and comfortable! 

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