Enter Our Contest and Win Cat’s Meow Cash

The Cat’s Meow is seeking your idea of how to make our luxury cat hotel even better.

4 Quarterly Prizes in 2018
Grand Prize Winner in January 2019


The contest is open to anyone.

How To Win

We encourage you to look around your own home and ask yourself: 

  • What makes my cat happy?
  • What makes my cat feel safe and secure?
  • What makes my cat thrilled?
  • Why is my home the best my cat has ever known?
  • If I were running a cat hotel, what would make it run smoothly?

When you have come up with an answer submit your idea to us.
If we implement one or more of your ideas you win a prize. Hooray for you!!!


How It Works


$100 Cat’s Meow dollars* will be awarded each quarter

March, June, September and December 2018. If there are multiple winners in a given quarter, then the prize will be divided equally among the winners. There is no guarantee that The Cat’s Meow will implement any of the ideas submitted in a given quarter and in that instance the pot for the next quarter will grow accordingly. For example, if we do not implement any of the ideas we get from the Feb/March period, the June pot will grow to an award of $200 Cat’s Meow dollars*.

Once a prize is awarded for an idea, any entry that we receive later of a substantially similar nature will be considered invalid.

$200 Cat’s Meow dollars* Grand Prize Awarded In January 2019

Two hundred Cat’s Meow dollars* will be awarded to the person who has contributed the very best idea as determined by The Cat’s Meow. If more than one person submits the same idea, then the prize will be divided between them. That prize will be awarded in early January 2019.

All winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted by email.

Helpful Hints

While building cat ramps in the rafters might sound super-cool, keep this in mind before submitting an idea:

  • Is it economical?
  • Can it be sanitized easily?
  • Does it promote health and safety?

Also, where possible, include details such as brand name and where to purchase. For example, instead of suggesting ‘toys’, give us specifics like ‘Great Choice Crinkle Ball Cat Toy from Pet Valu.’

Your idea does not have to be a tangible thing but might also be a service, new method of doing things, or ???

So don’t be shy, submit your idea today! Big or small we’ll take ‘em all!

How To Submit Your Idea

Only ideas submitted to us by email will be considered. If you do not hear back from us within 2 days your, consider your idea NOT received and try again. Only ideas that we have been acknowledged will be considered.

  • The subject line must be: Contest 2018.
  • You may submit more than one idea in your email but each idea should be numbered.
  • We will not accept ideas submitted verbally or via Facebook.

Good Luck to all!!!

Send us your ideas here

ǂ All Cat’s Meow dollars are non-transferrable and have no cash value.
ǂ We reserve the right to announce all winners on The Cat’s Mew Facebook page, website and all other marketing platformss.

*Cat’s Meow dollars may only be redeemed for services at The Cat’s Meow, Luxury Inn for Cats in Maberly Ontario Canada.